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8 Tips for Planning a Successful Off-site Business Meeting


Keen business managers know that one way to spark enthusiasm and creativity in their team members is to hold an off-site business meeting.

Expert meeting planners recommend that such meetings be held in a relaxed environment that encourages fun and features activities unrelated to the meeting itself. The Spruce Point Inn offers a perfect ocean-side site for business meetings.

Here are some other tips for planning fun, productive meetings away from the office:

1. Keep it comfortable. The goal is to create a learning environment that encourages openness and interaction.

2. Encourage casual dress. This goes to the first point. Casual dress is likely to make everybody feel a little more comfortable and disengage them from the routine office environment.

3. Start the day with some comfort foods. Starting the day with goodies like doughnuts, coffee, juice and muffins sends a message of appreciation to your team.

4. Schedule some social time during the day. If your meeting is a series of non-stop Powerpoint presentations, you’re more like to foster burnout than creativity. The social time could be something as simple as lunch on our deck.

5. Plan an agenda and stick to it. Make sure everyone knows what you’re hoping to accomplish with the meeting, whether it’s training or brainstorming.

6. Limit the use of mobile phones. Either collect phones before the meeting begins, or ask people to simply turn them off. Then make sure everybody has a chance to log-in or check in with the office several times during the day.

7. If it’s relevant, invite an outside speaker. Someone from the outside usually has an extra luster of expertise. Look for someone who is both informative and entertaining.

8. End the day with something fun. Find some kind of short, engaging fun activity to bring the meeting to a close. You want them laughing and smiling when they leave.

The Spruce Point Inn has several rooms that can be used for day-long meetings or multi-day conferences, and we can suggest a variety of team-building activities. If you’re planning a meeting, let us help!