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Memorial Day reveries…

I first arrived in Maine by sailboat, thirty years ago and the sea mist must have worked its way into my soul because so many of my memories have coastal Maine as the backdrop. The bike ride along the shore, scented by wild roses. A picnic at Pemaquid Point of crisp bread and local goat cheese we’d picked up at the little country store. The artists at the street fair in Portland.  That Sunday afternoon when we brought the coffee (later the wine) out into the sun while we read the Times crossword to each other. Those are the vintage moments that play back in my mind like old home movies (well, that dates me! Maybe it’s because we have those movies somewhere around here…)

The point is that the memories made in Maine are so evocative they do get inside your head. There’s no question where you were in that moment because the place paints such an authentic picture, it couldn’t have been anywhere else. That’s the kind of place we have at Spruce Point Inn and it’s the pledge we make to all of our guests. As Hilary Nangle – who knows Maine like no one else – said in a recent post, even after our major refreshing, Spruce Point Inn still creaks in the right places. Those creaks are what bring the past moments rushing back to envelop the present with comfortable familiarity.

 Memorial Day is right around the corner. Time to add another layer of front porch flags,  geraniums and the first glass of wine in the sun to our memory bank.