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Our “Fresh Air Campaign”


A breath of fresh air. For more than a century the fresh ocean breeze has drawn visitors to Maine to escape the city heat of summer. From the smallest kids to parents and grandparents, we know that catching the first scent of the Atlantic as you turn off the interstate and onto the coastal route that winds to Boothbay is enticing. It’s one of the many senses we know go into building those coastal memories made in Maine. So we know that once you’re here, we have to do everything we can to let those coastal breezes in!

This year, we’ve initiated a “fresh air campaign as we ready our guestrooms for opening in May. In particular, in Seagull, Puffin, Loon, Seabreeze, Balsam and Evergreen we’re engineering more cross ventilation by installing louvered doors or vent baffles that help circulate a higher cubic volume of air. The practical effect is that these improvements will let the breeze in even when the doors are closed. The breeze will be drawn through your room thanks to a flow of cross-ventilation that replaces warm air with cool. 

Coastal builders in the 19th century understood cross-ventilation and oriented buildings – like our historic Inn – to take natural advantage of the flow. We’re restoring that natural sensitivity to prevailing breezes with a little 21st century engineering so you can enjoy the seabreeze day and night.