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Spruce Point Inn Restaurants Have 3 Different Styles


Alcove seating at 88Ask Executive Chef Peter Stiles about the differences between the three restaurants at Spruce Point Inn, and he’ll first want to tell you what 88, Bogie’s and Deck have in common.

All three follow the “farm-to-table” philosophy, which means that each uses as many locally grown and raised products as possible, the chef says. The result is a fine Maine dining experience suited to just about any palate.

From there, the differences in the restaurants – 88 Creative Coastal Cuisine, Bogie’s casual American Bistro, and Deck, a casual Oceanside Cafe – come from how those top quality ingredients are prepared, combined and served.

At 88, chefs expect their guests to have a more sophisticated palate. The restaurant meets those expectations by putting extra effort into texture combinations, colorful presentation and subtle flavor combinations.

For example, 88 serves a Crispy Cod dinner in which the lightly seasoned fish seared in a hot pan to create a thin crust and then finished in the oven. It’s served with a polenta made from local grains and a light sauce.

At Bogie’s, the same fish is served as a fish-and-chips dinner or as a fish sandwich.

88 has a more formal atmosphere, where men are likely to be wearing coats and ties and women are dressed an elegant evening out (though only smart casual dress is the code). Reservations are suggested for 88 so the staff can devote the appropriate attention to each guest.

Bogie’s and Deck are more casual, and the menu items are generally less expensive than 88. Deck serves the basics, prepared in a way best suited to eating outdoors and enjoying conversation. In fact, several dishes are prepared specifically to eat with a fork to make it easier to talk during dinner, Chef Peter said.

The dining staff at Spruce Point Inn has put a lot of thought into matching the style of food with the style of each restaurant. The result is a Maine dining experience for everyone, from guests enjoying a vacation in the Boothbay Harbor Region to local residents who return year after year for the unique and clubby atmosphere and dining experience. .