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Children Programs

Children Programs

Spruce Point Inn is pleased to offer a selection of fun-filled activities for our youngest guests. Our Children Programs provide the opportunity for kids to experience Maine with their peers and to begin lasting friendships.


Register at the front desk in the Inn lobby 24 hours in advance.


Girls in Pool

Kids on Shore

Lighthouse Camp

The Lighthouse Camp runs every Thursday through Sunday during July and August and can also be arranged by special appointment. Kids explore, create and have an adventure while their parents enjoy some time to themselves. Activities include science, arts, nature and crafts, games, swimming and more!

Where: Lighthouse Recreation Hall
When: 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Ages: 5-12

Please register at the front desk at least 24 hours in advance. The camp costs $38 per day (plus Maine sales tax) and includes lunch and a snack. *



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Kids’ Night Out

For after hours campers, we offer Kids’ Night Out! Parents can enjoy a quiet dinner, walk on the shore or just spend a few hours alone while kids make new friends, enjoy pizza and movie or other games and activities. *

Where: Lighthouse Recreation Hall
When: Friday and Saturday, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Ages: 5-12

Please register at the front desk at least 24 hours in advance. The cost is $28 per night (plus Maine sales tax) and includes dinner.

* Note allergies at the time of registration.


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My Summer Vacation at Spruce Point Inn

When Mom and Dad told us we were going to a place in Maine called “Spruce Point” for vacation, I had no idea what to expect. We’ve been to Disney World and to Colonial Williamsburg and drove up to Canada, stopping to see Niagara Falls along the way. But when I asked them why we were going to Maine, all they said was “We used to go to Boothbay in the summer when we were kids. There’s the ocean and a lighthouse and boats. Don’t worry. You’ll love it!” Sounded kind of boring to me.

Then we drove through the town of Boothbay and down past the harbor and the lobster places and out along a road that keeps getting narrower and narrower til you reach a big gate. We drove right through and up to this big white inn. I don’t really remember seeing Spruce Point Inn the first time because I was looking at the ocean and the swimming pool right there on the water, and the dock with people getting on a boat (and all the kids).

Turns out those are the things I remember most because every single one of them was even better than I dreamed when I first realized all the things you can do here! I can’t wait for my cousins to come up next year for our family reunion!

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The ocean is the best part. But who can describe an OCEAN??? I like it because you can walk down along the shore and collect shells and rocks and driftwood. Then I spent a day with other kids at the Inn’s Camp Lighthouse and we learned about all the marine life in the bay (Spruce Point is on Linekin Bay at the mouth of Boothbay Harbor) – and even got a chance to go fishing off the pier.

The pool, of course, was great! Turns out there are two pools at Spruce Point: the one I saw as we pulled up and another one down where they keep the kayaks and the bicycles you can borrow for free. How can you not like a place that has TWO swimming pools?

In the evening, there are two different restaurants to go to and there’s even a place for kids to hang out and watch movies if your parents want a night to themselves (now I know why Mom and Dad wanted to come here – they had that romantic look and were holding hands when they came back from dinner.) But even better, there’s a marshmallow roast every night at the fire pit. We made s’mores like you’ve never seen before and even the adults got into seeing who could keep the marshmallow on the stick the longest before it dripped off into the fire.

And one day we went out on the boat I saw at the dock. It’s called Brightline and it’s owned by the Inn and we went out to visit the lighthouse on Burnt Island and then to the rocks where these birds called puffins live. I guess they’re endangered and the islands here are their only nesting site in the whole United States, so it’s a big deal to see them. They have really cute faces with big orange beaks and webbed orange feet to match. Somebody should make a movie.

But the best part of it all was we got to stay in one of the cottages at Spruce Point. There are all different kinds of rooms at the Inn and I got to see the different types when I visited kids I met in the rec hall. But I liked our cottage best, because it was a real little house, with a kitchen and a living room and screened porch. And I had my own room! Mom and Dad were ok with my just going out to play or going to checkout the butterfly garden or join a walk on the Wabanaki Indian Trial, as long as I told them where I was going. There’s something about the sound of the screen door banging behind you that just says “summer.” It means you’re going out – but you’ll be back soon. Just like my summer vacation at Spruce Point Inn.