Spruce Point Inn

Smart Traveler Dates


If your travel schedule is flexible, sometimes it pays to wait! We invite you to consider the smart traveler dates below.

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July 28 & 29
Modern Lodge Partial Oceanview

August 29 - September 1
Modern Lodge Woodlandview
$179 with a 3 night minimum

Summer -- catch it before it's gone. For many the last week of August is the last week of summer. A time of hot sun, cool seabreezes and the deep satisfaction that comes from doing nothing more than choosing whether to dine on the deck or in the air-conditioning. Savor the moments of summer 2014 with one last getaway. Before August recedes in the rear-view mirror. Rates starting at $179.



September 28 - October 2

“The Golden Season,” that’s what we call the warm days and cool nights that autumn brings to the Maine coast. Red and gold blazes in the foliage reflected in our coves; yet the ocean still holds the warmth of summer sun. It’s a time to capture the moment in the amber of memory. Rates starting at $179. Fall on the mid-coast? Priceless.