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88 Grandview Avenue

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Toll-Free: 800-553-0289

Front Desk: 207-633-4152


Dining at Spruce Point Inn is a showcase of the flavors and imagination one rightly expects of one of the top resorts in the Northeast. Celebrate a special occasion or a quiet reconnection, far from the distractions of daily routines, in the casual elegance of Whiteclover. Joyfully toast the sunset of a perfect day with friends or family in in the warm hearth of the resort, The Salty Stag. The dining options here are designed to seize the moment and feed the soul, delightfully elevating your oceanside getaway.

Greet the sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee and a homemade blueberry muffin from the comfort of your porch or balcony, linger over lobster rolls underneath a tranquil blue sky on the Grandview Deck, or savor the results of culinary imaginations inspired by fresh-caught seafood, sustainably raised local livestock and fresh herbs clipped in the garden right outside the kitchen door. There’s always plenty of time for a playful craft cocktail, locally brewed beer or perfect glass of wine from our cellars. Here you’ll find a menu curated by local knowledge, incomparable skill and the love of food that turns simple touches into unforgettable delights.

Fished, Farmed & Gathered

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Food & Wine Magazine came up with the idea of “Collaboration Nation” to describe chefs working with customers, vendors and each other to bring the best flavors and experiences to those who love food. Here at Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, our chefs have operated on these principles from the beginning, sourcing the locally fished, farmed and harvested ingredients from the best seasonal farms and producers in Maine. They then prepare the menu with cooking techniques that preserve the foods’ integrity, flavor and nutrition.


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Whiteclover dining room

Casual Elegance, Joyfully Served.


To best serve you, reservations are suggested. Please call 207-633-4152. 

For parties of 9 or more guests, please call ahead.

Dress Code:

Spruce Point Inn asks that guests refrain from wearing pool wear or athletic wear to Whiteclover.


Age 8 years and above are welcomed to dine at Whiteclover with their families. We ask that children also adhere to the dress code.

As always, from July 4 to Labor Day, if you’d prefer an ‘adults-only’ dinner, we welcome your children aged 5 to 12 for “Kids’ Night Out” in the Lighthouse Recreation Hall, where they enjoy a movie, games and pizza under the supervision of the Camp Lighthouse educational staff. See Activities page for more details.


Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Pier to plate, meadow to fork.

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At Whiteclover, our signature restaurant, we celebrate the simple, the honest and the local. We celebrate quiet moments and laughter-filled hours. Newly-forged marriages and reborn kinships. Small gestures that cause just a ripple. And grand ones that will never be forgotten.

A love of what surrounds us is Whiteclover’s inspiration—the ocean depths, the farm fields tilled by generations, signature flavors like lobsters and blueberries made wondrous in the hands of chefs, bakers and local purveyors preserving authentic foods.

Seasonal menus seize the best of the hour to craft culinary “oceanside memories made in Maine.”

lobster plate

The Salty Stag

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table of food entrees

Legendary Good Fun 

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

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At The Salty Stag, we celebrate the spirit that animates the legend, assembling to feast and toast: to love, to live and to the pursuit of joyfulness.

Whether sharing a farm table breakfast before a day on the water, a hand crafted cocktail, brew or wine the color of the sunset, or the familiar joy of a wedding party convened around the bar, our guests are invited to enjoy The Salty Stag as the welcoming heart and hearth of the Inn—a convivial gathering place, drenched in sunshine by day and ambered by low lights or a flickering fireside at night.

Larger parties are limited to 8 guests. For parties of 9 or more guests, we invite you to use our private dining room. Please call 207-633-4152.

The Salty Stag is family friendly with a casual dress code.

Breakfast is served daily from 8am to 11am. The bar is open daily from noon to 10pm. Dinner is served from 6pm to 10pm.

A pub menu is offered all day in shoulder season when lunch is not being served and from 12pm – 6pm when the lunch menu is available.

mac n cheese entree

The Myth, The Legend.

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Legend has it that a magnificent stag, heeding heart’s desire, once swam the breadth of Boothbay Harbor.  It was here on Spruce Point that he found love with a perfect companion, joyfully making these woods their eternal place of refuge and delight. 
Some say the patient and the worthy still catch fleeting glimpses of the legendary stag of Spruce Point —his fur coat still streaked with salt, an enduring reminder to follow one’s heart and rejoice.

Grandview Deck

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One of Maine’s most delightful waterfront settings for lunch. Our Grandview Deck serves classic sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood and regional specialties - complimented perfectly with our signature hand crafted libations. Situated high above the shoreline with panoramic views of the ocean approaches to Boothbay Harbor, our Grandview Deck is a family friendly spot for enjoying blue skies and refreshing sea breezes. Reservations are not required.

Availability is subject to weather and private event rentals. Menu items and pricing subject to change without notice.

Grandview Deck view


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making smores

S'mores: The Perfect End, to a Perfect Day 

Inn-siders know there are fire rituals at Spruce Point Inn: s’mores parties where kids and grownups (who can tell the difference at a s’mores party?) gather in the shared familiarity of a tribe that’s having fun.

But what other resorts make a trending afterthought, we make a signature opportunity for the ‘oceanside memories made in Maine’ we curate to bring discovery and delight to every corner of Spruce Point.

First, there is the crafting of the fire itself, calling to mind millennia of those who were here before us in these woods, drawn by the light and warmth of a human-made flame. The sight of the fire and the alluring scent of woodsmoke signaled that the time had come to gather, to tell stories and to offer wishes to the spirits.

Here around the firepit at Spruce Point we make s’mores a ritual celebration of our days together, offering a wish to the Salty Stag on a dream-paper tossed to the fire and carried outward to the forest on its smoke. And then we turn to the science of the perfect s’more: the Marshmology of homemade marshmallows built from the secret recipe of our chef, the ideal melting chocolate, the homemade biscuits that provide a solid foundation for assembly – and of course the just-right sticks for the toasting.