6/20 Savoring the solstice

Daisy Buchanan, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, said she always looked forward to the Summer Solstice – and then invariably missed it. Like everything else, even the motions of the heavens rushed by her too quickly.

Here at Spruce Point we’re all about savoring the moments: anticipating their arrival, immersing ourselves in the experience and cherishing the memories added to the collective sense of who we are. The Solstice means we have 929 minutes of day (from 4:18 am dawn to 7:46 pm dusk) to remember the details.

This morning’s sunrise, for example and the sounds of the dawn chorus greet the day, trilling in a call-and-response made more distinct by the still morning and the mists rising off the bay. Apparently lobster boats are birds, as the steady hum of their motors also blends into the early day. Did you know there are more than 292 wild birds in Maine? Not surprising thatRachel Carson was so moved to act to prevent the coming of a Silent Spring. Our friends at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and the Boothbay Region Land Trust and all of us who are greeted our feathered friends are in her debt.

The Solstice is marked on a Saturday this year – at 6:51 am local the sun reaches farthest on its celestial path north and south of the equator — which means a bounty of memories to be made on shore and sea. Among them, the gathering before the gathering of the Windjammer fleet. They arrive separately, like so many great winged birds, anchoring off Spruce Point in preparation for the Windjammer Days festivities next week. You’ll encounter flocks of sails on a trip aboard Brightline, or the Sarah Mead, “our” Friendship sloop (or from the comfort of a Westport chair on the front lawn.)

Throughout the day, your shadow will remind the ground of your presence, and after sunset the stars will take up the watch to ensure your Solstice 2014 does not go unremarked. And whether you’re here for June 21 or any one of the gorgeous summer days that stretch before us, unlike Daisy Buchanan, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing!