9/11 The comfort of the familiar

It’s that anniversary again. 9/11.

We saw a selection of “the things they carried” that will go into the national 9/11 Memorial in New York and were reminded of how quickly the ordinary can become extraordinary; the common become an uncommon moment, preserved in amber for future generations.

That’s what the good times must be, along with the bad. We survivors affirmed our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the days that followed by recommitting ourselves to spend more time with family and friends. Here at the Inn we see that commitment and reaffirmation almost daily as guests return, the children older, the circles (and our comforts!) growing wider. But it’s still worth reminding ourselves that our legacy lies in who we are and the memories we gather, not in what we accumulate.

September takes our children back to school, fills our pumpkin patch and orchard with fruit and brings the chill of autumn off the North Atlantic. It’s already a symbolic time for reckoning and recognizing that the years are what we make of them. The sweet smell of September woodsmoke that removes the chill also carries the skyward yearnings of trees and the skill of the steady hand that cut, split and stacked the wood.  To everything, there is a season.