A Bird’s Eye View on the Season

November mornings still bring the occasional “V” of migrating ducks, Canada geese and raptors, heading for sheltering harbors and marsh bays where they can winter over, secure from the northeast storms that will batter their summer islands. We welcome back the chickadees, bluejays and dozens of others who spent summer deep in the forest and watch the woodpeckers foraging for suet and the tasty delights beneath the bark of birch trees past their prime.

Living so closely attuned to the seasons as we do at Spruce Point we can’t help linking these markers to more philosophical musings. And maybe a seasonal bird’s eye view – an aerial perspective on things – is built into our DNA.

It does seem that the clearing of the leaves from branches and lawns brings clarity and form to the prospects. We see details we hadn’t noticed in high summer when we were busy enjoying life here on the Mid-coast of Maine – and our guests. With shortened days we seem to have more time to plan, working on the big picture instead of the thousands of daily details that go into furthering the Spruce Point Inn and Boothbay reputation, the elements we savor as innkeepers and delight in when our guests do, too.

Recognizing the urgency of the constant clock of migration – those winging voyagers heading south will be back again before we know it – we mentally allocate the resources. Filling the birdfeeders, if you will and keeping the nest secure in the spruces.