A rhapsody from the hundred shades of Boothbay blue

June is the color of blue. Pale blue skies at dawn. Indigo as the moon rises and the fireflies emerge. This is the season of promise, before the sun takes on the golden haze of high summer. Even the shadows of the solstice on June 21st take on a blue cast against the deep emerald of the grass. The brilliant sky takes the shape of the dome of heaven, circling fresh grads, the newlyweds and the vacationers now heading out for Maine.

Of course, there’s the color of the summer ocean and its own infinitely nuanced shades of blue: the deep cerulean of the broad Atlantic, the wind-tossed wake of Bright Line headed out across the harbor, the steely blue of the pre-dawn path of the lobster boats.

The blues of Boothbay are a painterly rhapsody in the marine palette we use in the guestrooms at Spruce Point Inn. The blue in our signature burgee. The flags on the yardarm and among the rafters in Bogie’s.

Look further and you find the dramatic blue of Kevin Beers’ oil of Burnt Island Light. The twilight of our photography workshop professional David Marx’s photograph of Pemaquid. Even the gardens of June turn from blue flag iris to the pastels just emerging in blue hydrangeas. Walk the shoreline when the tide is out to find Maine Blue Mussel shells that redefine the rainbow with a run from their pearlescent edge to a midnight tip. (Open them to reveal the apricot color of the mussel itself and you understand that nature is a colorist – lining the opposites on the color wheel, blue and orange, fragrant purple blossoms on green steams in yet another take at the lavender end of the spectrum).

Once tuned to the frequency of Boothbay blue, you find it everywhere: in the glass beads of the necklace in the shop on Townsend Avenue, in the seascape canvases in the galleries, in the sail covers on the moored windjammers when they come to town. The image files at Spruce Point Inn are a riot of blue – from the aerial shot that shows the Point encircled by water, to the bathing suits on the kids in the turquoise pool.

June on the Mid-coast is the color of the depths of relaxation, the beckoning shade of cool, calm and collected. Come find the shade that looks best on you this summer.