Alluring lessons for September

After spending at least twelve years of one’s life revolving around the school year calendar – many more when it comes to post-secondary educations, kids and grand kids – it seems timely to remind ourselves in schoolroom fashion of why September on the Midcoast is also “just the beginning.”

A is for apple – and it’s going to be a bountiful harvest this year. Apple-picking is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. Apple pie, fritters, applesauce and sautéed apples with roasts from 88 are even better!

B is for boats. Big boats, little boats, sail boats, speed boats, lobster boats, row boats (and kayaks). Any kind of boat! Enjoy an afternoon on water as warm as it’s been all season. Another reason for simply messing about on the September waters,

C is for cottages. Here at Spruce Point Inn our classic New England cottages are especially cozy now that the evenings afford the opportunities for using the fireplaces and their stone framed hearths.

D is for dogs. D is always for dogs. (It’s part of that ‘god spelled backward’ deal). And dogs are always welcome at the Inn.

E is for the elements, enduring memories and enchanted evenings as the equinox approaches and the sunsets over the bay catch the landscape in amber.

F is, of course, for fall. Foliage drives along the coast. F-stop tuning to catch the autumn splendor at our upcoming David Marx photography workshop. And fun. It’s fall fair and festival season, too.

G is for getaway. All of the above are good reasons to make plans for another getaway weekend while the warmth and color linger. Here on Grandview Avenue the reasons gather like a pile of leaves just waiting to be jumped in: great food, great hospitality and the ever-growing family of friends who bid you welcome.

H is for harvest – not just those apples we started off with, but squash in every fashion, and pumpkins for eating and enjoying from roadside stands and at events like the Boothbay Railway Village harvest weekends. It’s the time for the grapes for this year’s vintage and the hops for Oktoberfest-style brews. And for harvesting more of those “oceanside memories made in Maine.”

But let’s not exhaust the alphabet just yet. There are weeks of the season left in store. Come study a few lessons in seizing the day for the wonders it holds right now. From these storied woods and starry skies September is calling.

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