Capturing high summer in the hazy net of August

It’s high summer in Boothbay Harbor. The heat brings an irresistible urge for an afternoon nap and seems to turn the quiet dust along the lane into haze. The sharp contrast of sea and air brings a mist to the space between land and ocean. Once you’re offshore and the breeze has caught the sails of our Friendship sloop, the day is a dazzling, sparkling blue. But here onshore there’s a veil, as if memory is already catching each moment in its net, to be replayed when winter comes.

The idea at Spruce Point Inn is to help actively cast that net to gather those “oceanside memories made in Maine.” We craft experiences large and small that you’ll play back as the fondest times with friends and family. Tables in Bogie’s, 88 and Deck are filled with the jewels of summer at the farmers’ market (every Thursday) – rich red tomatoes (picked from our own kitchen garden and still warm from the sun), corn the color of morning sunshine, greens with all the hues of a summer meadow – and the fresh briny flavors of Damariscotta oysters, peke toe crab and, of course, iconic Maine lobsters. The foodstuffs seem to underscore the conviviality with the strains of “perfect place, perfect time.”

In the hazy summer net of memory we catch the sound of a screen door, a distant lobster boat, children squealing with unfettered delight and seagulls lazily cruising at bird’s-eye heights. The mist fixes the scene with the fingers of a cooling sea breeze, deftly adjusting the shade on a hammock here, the scent of ocean on a screened porch, there. It causes guests to look up and out over Linekin Bay so their mind’s eye holds the scene for future reference.

The joys of a Maine summer and the diversity of options to enjoy during a Boothbay vacation are rightly praised, promoted and confirmed. The seductive “stopfulness” of slowing things down enough to hold them in the amber of personal recollection is more elusive.

But it’s waiting for anyone who wishes to be captivated, here at Spruce Point.