Cottaging along the coast…

There’s something about a coastal cottage, even in January that just seems cozy. Here muffled in a snowdrift, the path marked only by the deer passing through, our Oceanfront cottages (Sunset, Starboard and Osprey) peer out to sea on a sunny day. They know we’ve got plans for them – new screen doors, a soft marine palette of paint to freshen the interior and some upgrades for the baths. We’re also adding some tech to the touch: LCD flat screen tv’s and wireless access throughout.

They used to call these classic Maine summer spots “housekeeping cottages” meaning that a family could rely on homecooking from the galley kitchen and staff intrusions were few. They were the nearest thing to a summer home when America took to the road for vacations. Cottages quickly became the hallmark of the New England coast and are the source for many of us here at Spruce Point of childhood memories of summer “at the shore.” And the reason, we suspect, there are so many fans of “cottage living” – for the convenience, the settings, the privacy and the ease. Cottages are everything you need to do as little as possible: cold drinks in the fridge, a shady porch beguiled with fresh breezes and the freedom to do exactly as you please. An evening chill on an early spring night? Throw another log in the fireplace.

Of course, our own Cottages are now the source of those “oceanside memories, made in Maine” and among the many reasons for sprucing them up is to make sure our guests have new inspiration!So we’re working through our checklists so that everything is ready and waiting when you arrive.

Did I just hear the sound of a screen door?