“Daddy, this is the place!”

It is one of the joys of being an innkeeper that we share the unforgettable best moments of people’s lives. The first time a child puts a toe in the water. The first firefly. The first boat ride. The song that played the first summer you fell in love. The lobster. The lighthouse.

That’s why we’re so passionate about helping create those “Oceanside memories made in Maine.”

As parents, though, there’s special magic watching our kids (and your kids) grow up, go off to schools and jobs , and gather back here around the s’mores fire to catch up with us on what you’ve been doing for the intervening year you were away.  We couldn’t be prouder to see our own, like Ashley, move into new responsibilities at the Inn (Ashley DiGiulian is now Assistant Restaurant Manager at the Inn); but to be honest, the entire team is a family. Which means we all pull together for your family. We make sure the hospitality Spruce Point extends is what we’d offer in our own homes; because in a very real sense this IS our home.

So it won’t surprise you to hear one of our very favorite stories about a guest encounter and a wedding held here not long ago. We offer it as a salute to Father’s Day this coming Sunday, and all you fathers who sail the ship called “Family Memory” and dock at Spruce Point, every now and then.

A couple came on a wedding “site visit” – an appointment with our wedding consultant to tour the property, imagine how their reception might look in Linekin, where to have the ceremony, what to serve at the rehearsal dinner, accommodations, flowers, the works. When they walked into one of the cottages, she said “This is just like the place we used to stay every summer when I was a little girl!”

After the bride-and-groom-to-be spent three hours with us and left, we got a call from her Dad. “I’m calling to make a deposit on my daughter’s wedding,” he said. “She just called me all excited and said, ‘Daddy, this is the place!’”

Those are the oceanside memories you help us make at Spruce Point Inn for us. Happy Fathers Day!