Dads and daughters

It’s June, the month of brides and Father’s Day. The month of new beginnings and the longest day.

Along with aged veterans at the beach in Normandy, we saw middle-aged women – the daughters – who came to honor their fathers’ measures of devotion.

We see the transformative moments in the weddings here at Spruce Point. That tradition that never seems odd, even here in the 21st century, of Dad “giving the bride away.” As if that could ever happen. And the looks on their faces as they dance. When they watch their daughters dance with the new man central to their lives.

Dads and daughters are a gift to the human species. When it comes to baby birds, we can’t really tell whether male or female is the agent of breakfast and flight lessons. With big men and little girls, whether they’re rough-housing and tumbling or fairy house princesses, it’s clear that lives are being shaped here, on both ends of the generational spectrum. Even the sternest grandfathers seem to soften at the sight of granddaughters, and take what for some may be a new perspective on roles, expectations and possibilities.

That’s what memories are made for – suggesting possibilities. Shaping a future decision on a day on a dock in Maine, stepping into a bobbing boat for the first time. Crafting confidence from an afternoon spent building a fairy house together. Carrying the flame of s’mores-making on a night of stars and fireflies, forward to the silent vigil of a veterans’ memorial. Holding his steadying arm as you walk down the aisle and into tomorrow.

On Fathers’ Day, here at Spruce Point, we have an affinity for families and especially for Dads and daughters. We’ve watched so many girls and brides and BFFs (as well as their fathers) transform into new selves over the years, moving from memory to realization. Maybe that’s why we work so hard to make sure the “oceanside memories made in Maine” made here are perfect. Happy Fathers Day!