Spruce Point Inn, Kentucky Derby, Always Dreaming, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

What dreams may come

Heard a TED Talk the other day offering the opinion that what differentiates humans from other animals is our ability to imagine, to dream – as Bobby Kennedy  famously said – “things that never were.” While we dog fans who have watched our canine companions chasing squirrels in their sleep might disagree – we won’t know if they dream until we figure out how to ask them – it is true that man’s greatest asset is the ability to dream.

It’s why we can bathe ourselves in forests, closing our eyes to the jangle and opening our other senses to the present moment. It’s why we return to favorite places to recall – to whistle up – the memories and then time travel to our own futures wondering what the little girl gazing out to sea will discover as her life unfolds.

The ability to imagine gives Chef Flynn an entrée (pun intended) for transforming the locally fished, farmed and gathered resources into another sublime dinner. And seeds our kitchen garden with a vision of leafy greens in tidy rows.

As innkeepers here at Spruce Point Inn we dream of a vibrant resort filled with happy guests, and train our ambitious imaginations along paths that we realize are the stuff of expectations spun by friends we have not met yet (never “strangers”!).  The constant tending, tweaking and testing are efforts we don’t make “just because” – they’re details we know someone will notice: from the fold of a napkin to the placement of a light on a path. Each member of the team comes aboard learning how each detail contributes to the whole. And if our property engineer knows how to place a dinner napkin it’s because we all dream of the smoothly operating result.

If Spruce Point dreams, it’s in technicolor sleep: blue skies and ocean, amber sunsets and day lilies, shady green woodlands and lawns dotted with summer-clad families in Adirondack chairs. At the inn, we promise that what dreams may come will be the stuff of “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”

And you may be sure that, like a certain racehorse, we are passionately, untiringly and delightedly: Always Dreaming.