Enhancing the Saltwater Pool Area

We’re going out to check the saltwater pool area today and thought we’d share some of the ideas we’re putting into place there. To borrow a line from New England poet Robert Frost, “We won’t be gone long. You come, too.”

As we thought about how guests use the various spaces around the grounds, we realized that we should focus our recreational amenities around the saltwater pool area. There’s handy access for our bicycles; and it’s the closest area to the waterfront, for loaning kayaks and fishing gear. We are also adding a kayak launch ramp to the Inn’s dock and float.

If you know the pool, imagine the area with new cedar decking and a convenient snack center so you don’t have to move too far from your chair or hammock.  Got that wonderful relaxing image in mind? We’re taking the dazzle from the snow on the pool cover for a brilliant July day. Can we get you something, while we’re up?

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