Finding serenity in light house keeping

“Stopfulness.” That’s the word New England historian J. Dennis Robinson uses to describe the quiet and calm of immersing oneself in a sense of place and the moment. He finds it in events and experiences that catch your breath with their authenticity and the opportunities they provide to absorb your surroundings through every sense. They are places that let you stop and take a look around, to get a new perspective on the day.

Such are lighthouses. From the top, the distance to the horizon stretches farther; and the distance down to everyday reality, farther still. From a lighthouse you get perspective; you get solitude; you get a chance to hear the small quiet voice in your head.

Imagine then, a lighthouse where you can extend the luxury of stopfulness beyond an hour’s tour – where you can stay the night and explore its island kingdom on your own. Where you have the ultimate private getaway, far from the daily clamor (you could even unplug your electronics – who would argue if you said you were in a lighthouse and were out of range?)

This 21st century fantasy is a blossoming reality at the historic Cuckholds Light at the approach to Boothbay Harbor. The team that has preserved and is restoring the lighthouseand its keeper’s cottage are now welcoming guests to the Inn at Cuckholds Light; and Spruce Point Inn is privileged to be a hospitality partner, able to make arrangements for guests to spend a night at the lighthouse. The ideal honeymoon suite? A place for renewing vows? A chance at “stopfulness”?

Another Spruce Point opportunity for creating oceanside memories, made in Maine.