Head North: there’s still time

The “Peanuts” cartoon this morning had Snoopy wishing one of his feathered friends a fond farewell. The last panel showed the bird flying back across the frame, with Snoopy thinking “I knew he was headed the wrong way, but didn’t want to tell him.”

We had the same thought when a long V of migrating birds flew over the Bay, headed south. A longer and more wavering line than the fine formations of ducks and geese (that once drew the gentleman rusticators out of the city and up to the original hunting lodge at Spruce Point each autumn). This flock drew our minds to the calendar and the remaining days of our season, dwindling with the light. And it made us feel like Snoopy, thinking “Wait! Come back!” There are still golden days to come for enjoying one of our favorite months: golden October.

We’re still a long way from closing shop for the winter. Far from putting our feet up (that doesn’t happen much around here, anyway!), we’re anxious to get as many more hours out on the water, to find a new trail at Boothbay Land Trust to hike with the dogs at the peak of the foliage display, to gather another batch of apples and pumpkins from the farmstand. There are new evening specials in 88 and drinks from Chef Brooks and Ainne to try. There are farmers markets and harvest events, Family Harvest Days at Boothbay Railway Village, theDamariscotta Pumpkin Festival, the long Columbus Day weekend. There’s still time. Follow the instincts of Snoopy’s friend and “Head North.” Boothbay’s waiting.

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