Heading for surprises: 43”49.9’ N by 69”37.5’ W

Fresh local strawberries. Roasted over the fire. Now there’s a surprise!

We love that kind of surprise here at Spruce Point Inn, because that’s exactly the sort of thing that creates “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”

All of us on the Midcoast of Maine, especially here in Boothbay – rightly — sing the praises of the ocean setting, the cool sea-breeze, the abundance of outdoor activities, great shopping in local galleries and boutiques and the fabulous restaurants featuring locally-sourced ingredients. It’s the famous “lobsters and lighthouses” call to Vacationland.

But it’s the little surprises we cultivate. Until you hold a mug of hot coffee, your bare feet on the railing, looking out at dawn over Linekin Bay, you don’t appreciate what Jimmy Buffet meant when he sang “Don’t try to describe the ocean if you’ve never seen it.”

Until you find blueberries in your salad or the barbecue sauce on your lamb chops here in 88, or fresh from your hands at the pick-your-own farm, the talents of Maine’s favorite fruit can’t go off the script of pancakes, muffins and jam (delicious as all of those are).

When you savor new experiences, like sailing on the sole remaining wooden lobstering sailboat, the Sarah Mead, moored off our dock. Or you take a picnic along for the day – in a sea kayak. You discover the trails of the Boothbay Region Land Trust are free, and they welcome your dog. Then he finds a fresh bowl of water and some treats in your room when you get back.

The surprises aren’t just looking outward, either. The team here at the Inn is just as deserving of delights in return for the partnership and trust they build with us – fresh paint and furnishings in the seasonal staff lodgings, shared compliments and applause, an appreciation for individual talents and circumstances, the chance for everyone to be part of the whole. If you want surprise, try giving your engineer the opportunity to perfect the art of fancy napkin-folding! Each person is engaged in knowing all the details it takes to make the Spruce Point guest experience unsurpassed.

These are the surprises that make innkeepers like us feel like kids on Christmas morning as one more set of Spruce Point Inn vacation eyes are born. And we know we’ve earned a customer for life.

Now accepting reservations for May 19th and beyond