Innovation, Authenticity & Quality – Made in Maine

One of the best parts of this time of year is having (a little) time to catch up on our reading. The books, newspapers (the whole Sunday NY Times in one sitting!) and magazines that pile up the rest of the year become the perfect reason to sit in front of the fire in our favorite chair.

In the course of reading, we came across this comment in an issue of Market Watch, the trade journal for the beverage industry: “Millennial and younger Gen X consumers are looking for innovation, authenticity and quality.” We also thought it fitting that this came from a vintner at Fetzer Wines responsible for their “1000 Stories” brand. Stories are our specialty, here at Spruce Point Inn.

Innovation, authenticity and quality. That’s a blend we actually embrace in everything we do; though we hadn’t put it quite that way before. And it’s the combination we’ve known intuitively that turns first-timers into repeat guests, as well. 

We’d also suggest that the combination is what distinguishes Maine and its people – and the partners who share our passion for the Midcoast, filtered (sometimes literally) by the air, water and spruces that surround us. The quest for preservation that inspired one man to want to depict the deep maritime traditions of Boothbay’s boat-building heritage in a five-foot, meticulously crafted diorama. The passion for keeping the storied Friendship sloop afloat (the Sarah Mead, on a Spruce Point mooring each summer is one). The Keepers of Burnt Island Light who invite visitors to imagine what lighthouse-keeping was like. The farmers among the Maine Farm Land Trust network who use solar energy and sustainable distribution practices to connect their fresh vegetables to kitchens like Spruce Point Inn.

When it comes to innovation, authenticity and quality, the list of Maine “firsts” is startling.  For example, the first ship built in the new colonies was built in Maine.

But for a place that has held the hearts of men, women and children for 10,000 years, it should come as no surprise. Maine and Spruce Point Inn — by intention — preserve the best.

There’s an old Yankee expression: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do; or do without.”  One might think that expresses a curmudgeonly frugality, a homely patchwork of “bubblegum and bailing wire.”  But actually, one must first define “it” to understand what makes Maine magical (and what makes life here – for even the shortest visit – so rewarding).

For “it” does not refer so much to the “stuff” of clothes, carpentry or cooking. “It” is the matter of imbuing the product of one’s imagination with innovation, authenticity and quality. “It” is crafting humble forms, whether rolled stone hearths or heaving lines with intention and skill. “It” is answering a challenge with determination and will, holding to a rocky coast or bumpy ride to safe harbor. “It” is imagining things that never were, to ask ‘why not?’ (perhaps Bobby Kennedy learned that lesson sailing here).

“It” is the force that creates “Oceanside memories made in Maine.” Innovative. Authentic. And of the highest quality. 

Image: David Marx, Burnt Island Light.

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