It’s time for the envelope, please

Yes, the Oscars are presented on Sunday, February 28th (7 pm EST); and yes, the bandwidth is full of buzz about the nominees of all stripes.

Don’t get us wrong. We love movies. We find inspiration, fun and relaxation (as well as food for thought) in films new and old. Summer in Boothbay is still a lot like it was when they filmed Carousel here in 1956. The essence of the summer drive-in – those evenings still warmed by the sun when neon blended with sunset, the air filled with the heat of “real nice clambakes” and cruising the coast was the best way to take in the breeze.

Kids Night Out film nights at Spruce Point Inn replace the flickering images of videogames with crowd-friendly flicks and a chance to meet new friends (and give the ‘rents a quiet dinner in 88 or drinks in Bogie’s, to themselves.)

We consider popcorn its own food group and are emboldened by the advice that a cup of Coastal Maine Popcorn is not only healthful but a nod to the Native Americans who introduced settlers to the concept. Spend any time in Boothbay Harbor and you’ll discover the first run films in the classic 85-year old Harbor Theatre movie palace.

Still, the Oscars are a national pastime, a highlight of the gap between the holidays, the Super Bowl and Opening Day at Fenway Park. They present our cultural royalty in show-stopping fashion and flash. They afford unscripted moments from the stars, those nebula-sized personalities whose lives it is our guilty pleasure to know way too much about.

Here in Maine, those actors, directors, costumers and technicians find an escape from the golden glitter that is the mark of Oscar Night. When they put Maine in front of the camera, the results are the rugged lighthouses, the beaches, summer cottages and the complex patterns of family life drawn on front porches and walks in the woods. Often the scenes shot in Maine provide the sense of place to make a story that takes place somewhere else seem authentic. It’s the Maine far from the maddening crowd of Hollywood and paparazzi. A down-home, Down East place where the famous can go out for ice cream and not be bothered by more than quick smiles of recognition from the locals.

We know how to set the stage for that kind of experience. How to frame the image of the Maine coast you’ve come to find. How to let the reel of “oceanside memories made in Maine” unwind as your own story plays across the screen of your getaway.

So know, as you watch the Oscars on the 28th, that our production crew is getting ready for your arrival. And it’s ok if the statuette reminds you of your uncle Oscar.

When we roll out the red carpet to greet you for another winning performance at Spruce Point Inn and someone asks, “What are you wearing?” you can assuredly reply: “My bathing suit.”