Listening to the Trees

The Nature Conservancy recently observed that “trees can’t tell us what they do for us and why we should care” and so they posted a blog featuring musicians and poets speaking for the trees.

We share so many environmental values with the Conservancy, the Boothbay Region Land Trust, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and other neighbors here in Boothbay hold dear, we got thinking about trees like the old growth spruce in the Trust’s Porter Preserve, thePine Tree Conservation Society’s 120 acres that helped create the Botanical Gardens and what the ones here at Spruce Point Inn might have to say.

We think our spruces do speak. They whisper woodland secrets to the children who build fairy houses here. They lean in to hear the stories around our ‘campfire.’ They nod approvingly to the newlyweds in Little Spruce Cottage and shelter their dreams with majesty.

We are, after all, Spruce Point, where tall spruces steward us as much as we honor them, their shade, their scent and their statuesque beauty. All the shutters honor them with their silhouette. As the hardwoods in our forest shift from the gold of autumn to the silhouettes of November, the spruces stand guard. While one veteran we will honor on November 11th is reminded of Ardennes forest when he hears the winter wind in the spruces, we look on them as a buffer to the wind. It won’t be long before we watch these woods “fill up with snow” some evening and realize we’ve turned the corner on the dark and start counting down to the first leaves of spring in the Inn’s orchard.