Looking for that door into summer

The National Cherry Blossom Festival starts in 8 weeks – though DC would be hard-pressed to imagine it right now as the tree branches fill with drifts of snow! The thought of turning all that cold, white stuff into fragrant blossoms got us seeing other opportunities in our own vistas.

Is that sun on the eastern horizon clouded by sea smoke, or is it the haze of an August morning? The sound of lobster boats is eternal; the only difference is the dearth of the other waterborne traffic. They have Linekin Bay pretty much to themselves right now.

It’s hard to imagine Bright Line filled with laughing families as she sits in her shrink-wrap up past the s’mores firepit; but it’s wonderful to remember the faces of our guests bathed in firelight as we watch the flames dancing in the fireplace. The cottages slumber in hibernation, roused only by the occasional deer – or one of us checking the latch and hinges we’re planning to replace on the screendoor to make the satisfying-sounding “door into summer” we remember from July.

Windows hazed with frost and reflecting an amber sun can be imagined as a cold Boothbay Craft Brewery glass of ale. Look up past the evergreen spruces to see a starfield as vast and sparkling as the one that rewards a romantic, mid-summer ramble after dinner in 88.

Speaking of romance, how about the promise of a warm Spruce Point sojourn for your Valentine? The roll-call here is just about the same as it is in June – in other words, we’re happy to take your call if you want to escape from winter with plans for your 2016 summer vacation.

We share our ski resort colleagues’ wishes for a proper Maine winter full of fluffy white. Still, spring and our own cherry blossoms will be here eventually and a few dreams of summer sunshine can help keep us all warm.