Memorial Day, Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Resort

Marching to the Drum of the Secret Season

The schedule of events for Memorial Day is out and the weather is definitely making a run at cooperating, with the suggestion of a great summer to come.

We were talking the other day to the owner of Palawan III (the boat in our terrific photo of the Kennedys on the dock at Spruce Point Inn) and he said he planned to have her  in the water this week. Noting that there’s very little company out on the water until the Fourth of July, he is of the opinion that some of the best sailing is now – the “secret season’ in the month after Memorial Day. Of course the windjammer fleet understands this well – arriving as they do for Windjammer Days in mid-June as a preview of summer charters to come.

But it got us thinking that this is the secret season for all of us who know and treasure Boothbay – Vacationland Maine, for that matter – for what it is. We appreciate the days hot enough to make the seabreeze refreshing. We savor the birds returning for their summer sojourns the way we look forward to welcoming guests who return, year after year. The brides and Father’s Day seem meant to be celebrated together.

Someone once said, “there are two kinds of people who live in Maine: lucky and smart.” The lucky ones were born here; the smart ones visited and decided to stay. We like to think we’re smart and lucky, which is why we’re delighted to share what we call “inn-siders’ secrets” as we help visitors to the Inn and 88 , Bogie’s and Deck create “Oceanside memories, made in Maine.”

As the moorings and the reservations fill, guests joining the songbirds on their annual migration, we celebrate Memorial Day as a moment to stop and think how smart and lucky we are to find ourselves in this place at this time. And we’ll be marching to the insistent drum of our secret season when the parades step out on Monday.