Memorial Day, made in Maine

Memorial Day is Monday and with it comes a rush of impressions, especially because the holiday is the starting bell for our season every year here at Spruce Point.

Memorial Day began after the Civil War, as a way to unify the country by remembering those on both sides who gave their lives in defense of their principles. Created by women who – if you remember the line from “Gone With the Wind” – wanted to “beautify the graves of our glorious dead.

With its poppies and parades, Memorial Day in the 21st century still remembers simpler times. A high school trumpeter playing taps in a shady cemetery, a wreath placed on the plaque in the middle of town.

For us it’s a time capsule of memories from all the seasons here, repeated each time the first car comes up the drive and old/new friends tumble out of the back seat. The red-white-and-blue in the flag is echoed by our front porch with red flowers spilling from the hanging planters, framed by white porch columns and a sparkling blue from the bay beyond.

Memorial Day is a “home movie” for us, an alternative to the Fourth of July that booms and sparkles like blockbuster media. The start of the season, with spring still blowing off the water, the colors saturated with new life and all of our built-up anticipation poured into our welcome, Memorial Day at Spruce Point does give us pause to reflect on what for us is a wonderful life.

When you’re focused, as we are, on helping folks create “oceanside memories, made in Maine” it’s good to have a special occasion to remember. Happy Memorial Day, everyone. We’re delighted to have so many wonderful memories shared with you.