Memorial Day Memories

In 2013, in the middle of the national remembrance of America’s Civil War, it is right to remember that the national holiday of Memorial Day was created as “Decoration Day” – a day to decorate the graves of the fallen and to come together to remember their sacrifice for their beliefs.

Coming as it does at the end of May, Memorial Day has also become the unofficial start to the summer season. Though Spring is definitely still in full-bloom in Boothbay this Memorial Day, we know Summer is even closer than the June 21st solstice – because we’re open and welcoming our first 2013 guests.

Memories past fit Spruce Point Inn because it’s a place for slowing down, taking stock of what’s important and savoring the moments. We remember past Memorial Days as a blend of shady lanes we rode on our bicycles, hot sun in the boatyard and yes, the echoing sound of “Taps” in the cemetery here that’s filled with old headstones and fluttering flags.  As Scouts we marched in the Memorial Day Parade through town – there are old “home movies” somewhere that document the event. (Those were the 8mm, flickering, silent days before YouTube!)

Each day at Spruce Point we try to recapture that wonderful, carefree time that we Baby Boomers remember. And we are dedicated to creating those memories for all kids (yours and ours together) who will, on some far distant Memorial Day, remember the feel of shade and the sun, the sounds of boats in the harbor, the smell of the lilacs in bloom (and maybe that first dip of a toe in the sparkling ocean). And we will all dream of summers yet to come.