Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Holiday, Traditions

Moments worth repeating lie ahead

In the past few days we have heard so many stories of holiday traditions – some silly, some bittersweet, some celebratory – shared by family and friends. There were cultural variations: seven fishes and midnight Mass in Boston, pierogi with mornay sauce in Philadelphia. Sisters and cousins and cross-country treks to ensure the family was together.

Time-honored foods, drinks and plans to keep “forever Christmas Eve” alive in the hearts of children (and those who remember how to be one), at this time of year.

Each person we asked had a different story, a different memory and an immediate answer quickly turning to “what are you doing?” and ready to set another place at the table or chair by the fire if the answer was “oh, nothing.”

That’s the essence of how we feel about Spruce Point Inn. When we talk about ‘oceanside memories made in Maine” we’re trying keep the joy and anticipation of a summer on the coast of Maine just as vibrant as a table laden with locally fished, farmed and gathered, just as fresh as the day on the water and the seabreeze on the screened porch, just as warm as the August sun – and the extended family gathered together as they have for years past and future.

We’ve talked about ‘stopfulness’ and the opportunity Spruce Point provides to rest, relax and reset, unplugged. Looking to the year ahead, we recognize that in ‘stopfulness’ as in ‘forever Christmas Eve’ lies our best, the memories built one at a time, like holiday traditions, that we most want to last, the ones that will be shaped into those that are best-loved by repeating them time and time again.

Those moments of repeating lie months ahead, yet. But the memories glow like candles in the winter night, reminding us of the reasons to wait out the dark.