Mother’s Day: Time to hatch a plan

Mother’s Day approaches, bringing to mind all those Spring days around the brunch table, birds chorusing outside, tulips and flowering branches bobbing in the breeze. It was hard to tell indoors from out, in a dining room filled with pastel wrappings, bouquets of lilac or forsythia (depending on the whims of sunshine) and a menu of fluffy omelette and croissants, or my mother’s favorite: waffles and a new batch of maple syrup. The conversation bubbled with the wine and everyone was smiling.

Later, we moved out to the patio or the dock. May can be chilly for boating, so we spent many afternoons at the boatyard or in the garden (ours or the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens), finally able to put into action the plans we’d been dreaming of on those dark winter days. Hatching new plans.

Then, over dinner, we’d talk about the summer to come, planning the next family gathering. The dinner table was a forum for testing new suggestions. Would we rent the same cottage? Do that Canadian road trip? Revisit that place in the country we saw when our cousins got married? By coffee and dessert, we had our assignments – for getting more information, checking availability, coordinating everyone’s schedule.

We didn’t have google or TripAdvisor, Mapquest or GPS. In fact, once the destination was chosen, Dad’s next step was to order a AAA TripTik and road maps. And checking availability and scheduling vacation days meant dozens of phone calls. But by Father’s Day (or whomever’s graduation) we’d have the summer vacation set and we’d be planning the “reunion” activities and meals.

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Oceanside memories made in Maine are waiting. Do you know where you want to be when summer comes?