Pausing in the sunshine to notice the details

In the surprisingly mild weather for December here on the Mid-Coast of Maine, we’re taking special pleasure from the patches of sunshine – and noticing little details as we take breaks from our off-season activities with a walk in the open woods.

Seems the squirrels and deer are taking advantage of this December-to-remember-in-a-good-way, too. The hardwood leaves that blanket the Wabanaki Trail through the spruces show where dainty hoofs (probably not the Famous Eight, but you never know!) have uncovered fresh green leaves. This patch of the trail was cleared of leaves and covered with seeds and nutshells from somebody’s snack. And as we walk, the squirrels chatter in the treetops, disrupted from their winter scavenging.

A month ago, we had ice in the shallow coves. Today we hear that there are still seals close in along the coast, which means there’s food there for them, too.

This activity on land and sea echoes the work that’s underway at Spruce Point Inn. Even though we opened with a major renovation in 2011, we are constantly enhancing guestroom décor and amenities. Some of the improvements are based on guest comments; while others are simply the result of our desire to keep the Inn fresh for each visitor’s return. Investments in greater efficiency, better service and more comfort pay off. It’s a real opportunity to turn ‘down time’ into treasure.

Just as pausing in the sunshine affords the opportunity to notice the little details