Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Best Hotel in Maine, Maine, Down East Magazine

A spun glass thank you note from the “Best hotel in Maine”

Spruce Point Inn was just honored by Down East Magazine with the title of “Best Hotel in Maine,” selected by the readers of the magazine in an annual ballot.

Following on the heels of Conde Nast Traveler readers’ selection of Spruce Point as best Northeast resort, best resort spa and best resort for family reunions, this new feather tickles us with delight. But on reflection, we appreciate and accept the heavier mantle that such recognition puts on our shoulders.

The team here is celebrating, but also redoubling the effort to keep the Spruce Point Inn experience at peak levels, ensuring that future guests will find the same joys, the same relaxation and the same opportunities to create ‘oceanside memories made in Maine’ here and among our Boothbay Harbor partners that all these discerning travelers have discovered.

That’s no small task. It takes the culinary team led by Executive Chef Tim Fain and Executive Sous Chef  Justin Doyle, passionately committed to excellence and happiest when they’re cooking on the line, making everything from scratch using locally sourced ingredients “from salt to salmon.” It’s the housekeeping team led by Crystal Bradstreet, director and Stacy Peters, assistant manager, making sure “there’s no housekeeper left behind” on the daily march to keep a dizzying array of guestrooms in crisp shape. It’s a spa oasis floating in the midst of a lively landscape, shepherded by spa manager Stacey Reynolds whose serenity matches the soothing welcome of her Zen garden.

Spruce Point Inn is just as much the 120 people working together to achieve what we’ve accomplished as the 56 waterfront acres that stun each visitor driving through the gate. Their heartbeats are the furnace that create the “spun-glass bubble” that is a Spruce Point experience. Those ‘oceanside memories made in Maine” are indeed like bubbles – individually shaped and unmistakably fragile. Any slip or mistake could break the spell. As catering sales manager Carolyn Laroche observed, each touchpoint, from the first phone call to the last goodbye is a tipping point. The friendly encounters TripAdvisor reviews talk about are extended open hands where the relationships between the Inn and guest land as they move through the stay. Each rough (if inadvertent) glance, each weathered splinter, each unfinished task means a bubble might be burst. As Assistant GM Dave Largen observes, “Guests come here to escape the stress; we have to make sure that everything works the first time, there are no frustrations.”

From innkeeper/owners Angelo and Joe on down the line, Spruce Point holds to standards that come from within. Imbued with common sense and customer service, defining product by selecting nothing but the best, dedicated to making consistency a trademark and enabled to meet challenges with solutions, the “Best Hotel in Maine” says “thank you” with the pledge that we have no intention of resting on our laurels.

Summer has just begun. Come see what “oceanside memories made in Maine” are waiting to be spun for you.