Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Fathers Day, Yankee Magazine

Stepping out of the arena where being busy is cool

The New England Today blog from Yankee Magazine recently described a far-north hiking trail known to adventurers as The Bold Coast. Far Down East, past even Acadia, the route, in their words “encourage[s] interaction: to pause to smell the wildflowers, to get a little muddy, to work up some sweat, to dangle your feet atop a bluff.”

But what struck us was this suggestion: “It’s a bold idea, indeed, but if you can slow down enough to do it, you may just discover that there are still vacation spots where you truly can still get away.” And we not-so-humbly submit that you don’t have to go all the way to the Canadian border to find those spots. One is right here in Boothbay, at Spruce Point Inn where we work at helping visitors “slow down enough to get away.”

You’ll find the stillness right on Grand Avenue if you rise before the dawn turns the lavender sky to the burnished gold that may have given Burnt Island Light its name. You’ll find it in an astonishingly star-strewn sky once the lingering hours of long summer evenings settle in for night. You’ll find it at a stroll’s pace through the woods where glimpses of ocean dazzle just out of reach. And you’ll find it in a shady hammock, a Westport chair or your own cottage’s screened porch, where your book lies open and your mind traces other storylines past urgency to imagination.

Helping you create “oceanside memories made in Maine means guiding you to our favorite spots for wildflowers, less-frequented hiking trails and hidden coves where you can wade in Atlantic waters – and still be home for drinks on the Deck before dinner.

Be bold. Dare mighty things – things stepping out of the arena where “being busy is cool” Fathers’ Day is coming up, and the entire summer season still stretches out a welcoming hand. As someone famously said, “When the end comes no one wishes they’d spent more time at the office.” Come catch your breath where the sea breeze sets the pace for life at the speed of living. Your own bold and quiet coast is waiting to be found.