Stress-free zone (with or without the electronics)

We were just reading the story in the NY Times about device-free summer camps for adults. Where people unplug from their electronics to give themselves time to retrieve their other senses: the joy of birdsong and the scent of wind in the pines. The opportunity to stop and listen to each other;  and to play.

What we see around our firepit each night is the result of just such an endeavor. The guests who arrived as stressed-out travelers who have disconnected themselves from their worlds “away” and have found the luxury of no deadlines, no hassles, no demands except wherever their whim or fancy leads them.

Joseph Campbell, the great modern philosopher said “follow your bliss.” It’s good advice, even if it’s just for a vacation interlude; and time after time we see guests discovering new bliss: in a hammock, in a fresh tomato warm from the vine, in their kids’ wonder and delight in the discoveries they make on a Maine waterfront in the company of adults focused exclusively on the moment.

And while we’re not militant about the ‘device free’ thing (we try to make sure connections are there when you need them and technology like our Mobile App aids in your enjoyment of your stay in Boothbay), we applaud the growing awareness that life is about the now. That’s why they call it the present. And our gift to you is that in the moment ‘stopfulness’ that lets you catch up with yourself.

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