Thanks for these memories…

Maybe it’s because blue and gold are opposites on the color chart, and do that pairing thing, beautifully. Maybe it’s because the crisp fall air refracts the sunlight to make the scenery more brilliant. Or maybe it’s because the flame colored leaves of the hardwoods are silhouetted by the dark spruce along the Maine coastline. Whatever the reason, this time of year can be just breathtaking, with just enough left in the sunshine and the harvest to let us remember summer while gathering our lives in for the winter.

Before your thoughts turn ahead to Thanksgiving and the holidays, we wanted to savor some of the highlights of what has been a truly bountiful season here at Spruce Point Inn. We thank you for so many of those memories – the bride who called her Dad after she had spent three hours with our wedding coordinator and said “Daddy, this is it. It reminds me of summer when I was a little girl.” And the boy who became Joe’s assistant at the firepit: he lived in an apartment in Manhattan and had never seen an open fire before.

It was the way the early morning sky matched the newly-painted blue ceiling in our reception area. The source Chef discovered for the peketoe crab that made it onto our specials menu at Bogies. The blueberry massage in the cabana on the waterfront. And that day we spent watching the windjammer race from our own front porch. (Plan ahead now – the 50thAnniversary of Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbortakes place June 26-27 in 2012.)

All those things are “Maine” and yet they’re indelibly etched in our minds as “Spruce Point Inn 2011 – the summer after our upgrade.” We hope your experience was even better this year, too, than before. We hope we succeeded in our mission to give you “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”