Thanksgiving and promises: what humans do best

Amid the talk of Black Friday, Plaid Friday and Cyber Monday (including around here at Spruce Point Inn), we like to think of the different shades of meaning that come from the holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving and stretches into the start of the New Year.

We think of Family Friday. And Memories Monday.

We look around at the beautiful place that is Spruce Point Inn: the long-stretching shadows of our Wabanaki woods, the rugged determination of the granite of our coast, the infinite shades of blue that bring dimension to Linekin Bay and the Atlantic beyond.

Though Maine, as a part of Massachusetts until 1820, shares in the traditional story of Pilgrims and the gift of corn-growing and game-stalking from the First Nations, we have our own story too. The Native Americans of the Maine coast – who are still here. The captains courageous who, with our southern neighbors “came to fish”. The intrepid Scots-Irish who set out to build their own settlement in the wilderness of Boothbay. Everyone since who has come to Maine, and stayed.

As the silvery “freezing river-maker” full moon reminds us of the wintery days ahead, it brings light into the darkness, too. And as the sun-dance on the bay prophesies icier noons, its sun is one that is almost to the turning point of the Solstice.

Still, as the landscape before us settles, there’s a time for what we humans do best: reflection, affection and giving thanks. It’s why “oceanside memories made in Maine” is the guiding principle at Spruce Point Inn. More than a cluster of buildings and a gorgeous view, what roots us to this place are all the generations past and the individuals yet to come to Spruce Point.

It’s so right that Thanksgiving comes first and the New Year last in this progression of holidays. It establishes priorities; and confirms promises.

So here’s to your Family Friday and Memories Monday. With our deepest thanks.

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