The art of gathering together again

Now that we’re deep in the January woods, and even the moon shows barely a sliver as it shifts towards the new Lunar at the end of the week, it’s a moment for ‘stopfulness.’ The mindful and interior survey of how things stand. The state of our own particular union.

We’re far enough from the holidays now that we can take stock. In concert with the commercial world, we take inventory of the experiences we have accumulated, the friends we can number.

Casting back to the end of the year, what fish rise to the baited hook of remembrance? While columns worried over the consequences of fraught holiday tables, which were the ones that lent a warm glow to that internal hearth where the mind’s eye replays the recent past, those ‘oceanside memories, made in Maine’?
Perhaps a moment settling down with scarce-seen relatives – the children sleeping in your lap, the dog dreaming in rabbit-coursed fields (while dozing in a city townhouse). Or a card brought back a friend “out of the blue”? Or a winter engagement party reminded you of that rehearsal dinner that set the standard for every other invitation you ever received?

Where is that ‘blue’ of which such magic is spun? What are the secrets to gatherings that remain indelible in your own archive of perfect moments, perfect settings, perfect times with those you hold most true?

We’d suggest that those moments are the stuff of which great reunions are made. The people and the connections that endure, not matter how circumstance might have them fade. They are the lodestones around which the magnetic field of our orbits spin, sometimes farthest apart. Sometimes so near they, like a super moon, rise on our horizons.

Here at Spruce Point Inn, we track the sky charts of such gatherings, mapping trajectories designed to bring individuals close under just the right circumstance (food, beverage and comfortable lodgings from the historic to the extended family, designed to weave that cocoon) while giving them room to play. Friends, family, your wedding party back to celebrate a key anniversary. College housemates. Team mates. Those whose coexistence is defined by the premise of ‘same time, next year.’ These are the moments that make Spruce Point “the best place in the state for family reunions” in Maine. 

The thing about Spruce Point is, the more the wheels turn around this small universe, the better the hub molds to smoothing the ride, the more anticipation blends with experience. The ‘even better’ are the results. In this world that specializes in bringing people – and traditions – back, it will always be true that you can go “home” here to Boothbay, again. 

Now accepting reservations for May 19th and beyond