The door will open wide

As spring school vacations bring out the wanderlust in families across the nation, and opening day in May approaches, we’ve been thinking about what makes people “move.” What draws us to sites like the DC cherry blossoms or our splendorous National Parks (celebrating National Park Week April 21-29)? Why do the homes of famous men, much-loved painters (Maine’s Wyeths and Winslow Homer come to mind) and favorite authors and their landscapes (from Longfellow’s Portland to the JK Rowling fantasy of Hogwarts) resonate?

As Maine’s Joshua Chamberlain said of Gettysburg, “Something abides.” And perhaps it’s seeing the landscape of Prout’s Neck spring out of Homer’s studio onto a rocky shore swept by an endlessly roving tide. Or hearing Rachel Carson’s birds unsilenced in the spring. Daniel Webster famously observed that New Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountain was “God’s sign of his trade” — that “Here he makes men.” So does place inspire deed.

At Spruce Point Inn, we help guests create “oceanside memories made in Maine.” There are coastal vistas down the Bay to the Atlantic, cove-sheltered paddles to lighthouses,  sunsets fired with the day’s adventures and the promise of more delights tomorrow, delicious flavors, scented gardens, shady woodland paths and the sound of Rachel’s birds filling the forest.

But here, perhaps best of all, we make families. We help make children laugh with delight. We make brides float (on ship and shore). We make parents proud; and grandfathers indulge. We try to make togetherness happen – and happy.

That something that abides at Spruce Point is a rich history of the generations whose footsteps have burnished the floorboards, whose stories infuse the walls, whose voices whisper in the tides and spruces. We are the place you need to come to when the world has worn you out.

Robert Frost wrote that “home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” For us, that sign at the end of our road says “here we make joy – we can’t wait to take you in!”

Our door is open wide.