The hand-crafted gifts of Spruce Point

The first signs of the approaching holidays are emerging: in addition to the frosty mornings, we’re beginning to see the flyers for local holiday fairs, taped to the windows in the grocery store, tacked up in the post office, marked on hand-written signs outside the school. These fairs have to be the original and best expression of the “Shop Local” movement (before it had a name), filled with hand-crafted items of every color, taste and description.

That got us thinking about Spruce Point and what a holiday craft fair filled with oceanside memories from the year here at the Inn might look like.  We’d have one table laden with spruce boughs, of course. And some hand-picked herbs and wild flowers from our kitchen and butterfly gardens, preserved at the height of their seasons and ready to fill a room or a dream with their scent.

There would be a table of ocean essences: shells and rocks the kids at Camp Lighthouse gathered on the shore, a flowing scarf woven of mossy-green kelp, glistening fish hovering just below the water’s surface and an elusive harbor seal.

The sailor’s stand would be a forest of masts, fluttering yacht burgees (come alive from Bogie’s), crew gear from the Shipyard Cup and sails illuminated with the sunshine of August afternoons, the silver of full-moon evening cruises and the pearl grey of morning mist.

Tucked in a cozy corner, there would be a selection of Inn comforts hand chosen from the guestrooms: views from the historic Inn porches, cool sheets wrapped in a marine palette of pastel blues and greens, magic fans that circulated fresh sea breezes and a porch light for reading late into a summer night.

There would be spa salves, the relaxation of an Adirondack chair, the “ahhh” of the first plunge into the swimming pool on a hot day and brushes that applied the glow of brides.

The busiest table would undoubtedly be the place where shoppers could savor a season-full of chefs’ specials that were fished, farmed and gathered locally. There would be lobster bakes wrapped up in a box with a lobster-red bow, s’mores fresh from the fire, blueberry “everything” (pies, muffins, tarts and the signature Spruce Point blueberry vinaigrette) and bouquets of greens spanning the earliest spring lettuces to the autumn’s kale. Fish from local day boats. Fruits from nearby orchards (as well as the first fruits and berries from the gardens here at the Inn). And tiny vials of inspiration, distilled directly from the Spruce Point kitchen – for turning daily meals into imaginative creations of flavor, color and delight.

Wouldn’t such a holiday fair be wondrous? Consider that the art of gifting Spruce Point Inn may not be as fanciful as it may seem…