The origins of the iconic “Adirondack” chair

You’ve seen them on postcards and posters. And you’ve enjoyed them on our front porch. The iconic slat-back wood chair, positioned to take best advantage of the view. The “Adirondack chair” is the ultimate symbol of kicking back, relaxing and melding into vacation mode.

For the next time you stretch out on our verandah, we thought we’d give you the Official History of the Westport Chair, considered THE original Adirondack Chair.

In 1903 Thomas Lee, while staying at his summer cottage in Westport, N.Y., a small village in the Adirondack Mountains on the shores of Lake Champlain, developed the Westport Chair.  The Lee design had a slanted seat and back.

Thomas Lee offered his chair design to his friend Harry Bunnell. Lee suggested he take his chair design and build it at his carpentry shop to sell. Unknown to Mr. Lee, Bunnell took the chair design and filed for a patent on April 4, 1904. On July 18, 1905, Bunnell received his patent for the chair he called “The Westport Chair”. He manufactured and sold the chair for the next twenty five years.

Spruce Point Inn is pleased to have the original style Adirondack Chair on the grounds for our guest to enjoy.  To enhance the effect, and ensure you take home this classic “oceanside memory made in Maine,” we offer the chair in an easy-to-assemble kit for $495, (and can have it shipped home for you for a small handling and shipping fee).  These are high-quality cypress wood chairs designed to last a life-time outdoors, unpainted, because of the superb wood and the stainless steel assembly hardware.

The child-sized version of the chair is also available, using the same materials, for $349 plus handling & shipping.