This Father’s Day, give moments back

Caught the end of an ad the other day – can’t remember the product, but in this case that’s actually the point. The line said, “This Father’s Day, give moments back.” And that pretty well sums up what we mean at Spruce Point Inn when we say we strive to help guests create “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”

Extended families, couples, college friends, dinner guests, we thrive on providing the settings that let their own personal moments shine, the ones that give back for years to come as we play the trailers of our lives back in our heads. They’re the moments that an ocean breeze or the scent of lilacs or the way the sunlight makes a new wedding ring sparkle bring back as if they were just happening for the first time.

We watch kids on our waterfront discovering that the shell they picked up still has an inhabitant inside. Or Chef perfecting the dish he’s created from the special catch our fishmonger delivered. Or, far across the lawn, the bride’s parents holding hands as they watch the sunset over Linkekin Bay from the total relaxation of their Westport chairs.

We spend all winter at the inn anticipating the needs and then revel in the satisfaction of those moments we can’t script or polish or install. Spruce Point, like every host, is incomplete without the people we do this for. So when we share our lives and the endlessly diverting place that’s Boothbay, we are answering an inner voice that says “Oh! Tell them about this.” Or “Must remember to add that” to our ever-changing menu of experiences, flavors and Mid-coast Maine authenticity.

Spruce Point Inn is like that shell on the beach. We live inside. And this Sunday and each day of our season, May through October, we work at giving moments back.  Happy Father’s Day!

Now accepting reservations for May 19th and beyond