Treasures at our Feet

We talk a lot here about the responsibility we feel for sustaining our environment. Whether it’s removing weeds with salt water or creating our “lobster buoy” signal guests hang on the doorknob to let housekeeping know they’re all set with linens for the day (thus reducing water use, laundry impacts and overuse of resources), we take our stewardship of Spruce Point seriously by actively engaging in green practices.

We believe it is never too late to teach our children and our grandchildren by showing them the treasures of the tides. Like the fragile wild orchids in our woodlands, each step along the shore brings a new surprise that is both a delightful discovery and a reminder that the system endures, with our help.

Our partners at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Boothbay Region Land Trust share those lessons, too, in the most magical way: a walk through their spaces is an immersion in places where treasures lie waiting, right at your feet.

As the ferns raise their fiddleheads in the forest (a supportable foragers’ pleasure on the plate!), we think of the mysteries hidden out of view: the earth that feeds the subterranean army of green emerging into sunlight, the flowers that quench the thirst of the honeybees who managed to survive the frigid winter, the fish who course beneath the surface, right off our dock.

So much of who we are at Spruce Point is a result of where we are. That’s why we can’t wait to show you around!