Trusting in the lasting legacy of the land

Our friends at Maine, the magazine, did a story a few years ago about the land trusts of the state – the people and acres who ensure that the beauty of the place and its ecosystem are sustained. As the editors wrote, “A journey to Maine has always promised an escape into the woods, a breath of fresh air, and … pristine beaches. Thanks to a network of grassroots conservationists this will continue to be true. Forever.”

In autumn, in particular, we love to share such places – the land trusts, the gardens, the wildlife areas (currently filled with migrating birds) – that our partners, including the Boothbay Region Land Trust and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, are dedicated to preserving for all to enjoy.

The 250-acre Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are the ideal place to view spectacular foliage and fall gardens in all their scarlet, russet and gold.  For 2013, the theme at the Gardens is “Trees, Timbers and Traditions” – and what better time than fall foliage season to celebrate the towering guardians of the serenity, natural wonders and relaxation that these, one of the great gardens of the world, provide.

The 30 miles of hiking trails in the Boothbay Region Land Trust enjoyed for free by thousands of visitors from April to November, offer dramatic contrasts of ocean and forest, capturing the amber light of the season, filtered through falling leaves, alongside the bracing sea breeze that for so many of us is the distilled essence of Maine. That combination of the rugged and the breathtakingly-beautiful is a life we are ever-more determined to protect and pass along to our friends, relations and successive generations.

According to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, “Today, Maine has one of the strongest land conservation networks in the country. The goals of these independent land trusts are as diverse as the landscapes they protect, but they all share an overarching mission to preserve Maine’s natural assets.”

There’s just something about the turning of the year that is a reminder of heritage and the fleeting nature of daily experience. These are the places where we come closest to touching the abstracts we believe in so passionately. We know that what we do at Spruce Point affects our corner of the coast, the land that surrounds us and the ocean beyond. Each time someone falls in love with one of these wild places, we are rededicated to ensuring Spruce Point remains a legacy for future generations – for all of us who live on the planet.