Thanksgiving, Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Resort

Turning again home

When that which drew from out the boundless deep turns again home…

Seems like Thanksgiving season brings a tug not unlike what the salmon must feel as they turn to the rivers from the sea. Here in New England, steeped in the story of the first Thanksgiving, (and with tangible connections to living Native Americans and Maine Guides who help track your own dinner in the woods), the holiday offers an authentic blend of atmospheres.

When we’re lucky to bring friends and family around a table, the gathering-in is as much a harvest as those who struggle with the rugged land to bring its bounty home. The foods fill the house with aromas designed to bring us in from the cold, and fill dishes that remind us of past feasts and the people who filled them.

A recent story in the Boothbay Register spoke of a local practice of the Japanese tradition of “forest-bathing” – the idea that walking in the forest until you were surrounded by the scents and sounds of spruces, bluejays and chickadees, sun on your face, a breeze carrying the ocean to the forest, would refresh both mind and heart.

Here at Spruce Point we like to think that by helping create “oceanside memories made in Maine” we offer visitors full immersion in ‘stopfulness.’ The blue ocean, the spruces, the shady woodland paths and silent kayaking coves. Blended experientially with the comforts of delicious dining on locally fished, farmed and harvested wonders in 88, Bogie’s and Deck, the deep, contemplative restfulness of the spa and Zen garden, the hammocks and screened porches. An oasis where it’s possible for “friends and family-bathing” rest and relaxation for the fraught and frazzled.

Kind of like a traditional New England Thanksgiving that brings a cornucopia of sensory experiences to shape the single purpose of being together.

This Thanksgiving, with Spruce Point Inn nearly buttoned up for the winter, we wish all who read this the gift of memories shared. So many of our memories are built on yours – those “oceanside memories made in Maine.” Which makes us feel doubly thankful and doubly blessed.