Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay, Maine, Summer, Kids Camp

We are all six

In 1905 when the British Ambassador Cecil Spring Rice was bringing a guest to meet President Theodore Roosevelt, they found him in the garden playing with his children. Rambunctiously. The diplomat was surprised. Rice said, “You have to remember, the President is only six.”


A friend who knows that story commented the other day, “We are all six.”

And the more we thought about it, the more we had to agree.

Six is why we take vacations. Why we wade in tidal pools. Why we travel new paths.

Six is what makes us laugh. It’s dogs. It’s sunshine. It’s the irrepressible sense of adventure.


AA Milne had it right when he dedicated an entire book to “Now We Are Six.” The 100 Acre Wood is mapped by our imaginations. Its borders drawn by how far we got this afternoon. It holds both memory and anticipation.

That’s why we love our Wabanaki Trail through Spruce Point. It holds the ancient footprints of the “people of the first light” and the glimmer of tomorrow’s dawn. There are fairy houses guarding the border (of the butterfly garden) and bags to bring some seeds or saplings home. There’s even Lighthouse Camp.

There are fire rituals at Spruce Point Inn: s’mores parties where kids and grownups (who can tell the difference at a s’mores party?) gather in the shared familiarity of a tribe that’s having summer vacation fun.

And there’s plenty of space for everyone to range freely in pursuit of today’s adventures: sailing the Sarah Mead, looking for lobsters, or seeing the light of a new painter in a Boothbay gallery (or author, in your hammock).

Though being six can be fraught (the Eagles once sang disparagingly about what they’d do with your ‘inner child’), we think being six is all about (re)discovering the sense of wonder. Maine and the Mid-Coast pride themselves on preserving an authentic sense of place – the history, historic sites and locally fished, farmed, harvested and handmade products of a life ‘the way things should be.”

At Spruce Point Inn, we aim for perfection in the way things are. We strive for the balance of sense of place and sense of six as we try to provide opportunities for visitors to create “oceanside memories made in Maine.” So come, play on the lawn with your children. That’s what summer – that’s what life — is for.