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Weaving baskets of memory with crimson and gold

According to a report on Maine Public Radio, the puffin population is rebounding (though great cormorants are being threatened by the growing population of eagles in the state). And the water quality of the rivers that run through Maine is improving thanks to active efforts by many different interests, after years of runoff from the mills.

Seems everything is a ‘two-edged sword.’ But we like to look on the bright side (following a Bright Line, perhaps?) 

Which means the turning leaves and forecast chilly nights, now that we’re officially past the Autumn Equinox, are inevitable chapters in the story of life on the Midcoast of Maine. All parts of why we love to live here and why we enjoy sharing the seasons and guiding guests in shaping the best ‘oceanside memories made in Maine.’ The predictability of the seasons brings returning visitors like the couple who just celebrated their 25th September at Spruce Point Inn. The surprise is in the details: the way certain branches turn scarlet while the rest of the tree stands green; a creative twist in the salmon served in Bogie’s; more of those puffins spotted during a nature cruise, with their signature orange beaks reflecting the foliage.

It never gets old, no matter how many times we see the seasons turn. Each year the summer fades too fast and then we are rewarded with the ‘golden season’ of the New England tradition known since the 1780s as Indian Summer  (reportedly so-named because the Native Americans first described it to the English). Technically speaking, Indian Summer describes a warm dry spell after the first frost after the Autumnal Equinox and it’s a time for weaving moments of shared experience. And just as the Penobscot here have collected sweetgrass and split ash to weave enduring and celebrated baskets, so does the season weave a basket of memory, threaded through with golden sun and crimson leaves.

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