Welcome back, Spring!

The Vernal Equinox arrives this week (March 19) as a signal that we’re getting ever closer to opening day. We always take the First Day of Spring — rain or shine – as a moment to mark the fact that the days are much longer, the sun definitely warmer, than they were even a month ago. It’s a good thing that that warmth and light add a little bounce to our step as we’ve got lots of things to do to make Spruce Point even better this year than we were the last time we greeted you.

In particular, we’re sprucing up the landscape, moving some of the large boulders on the grounds so you can enjoy a better view from where you sit (on them and around them). As you can see in the photo, our boulders have always been popular vantage points.

We’re also repositioning some of our new-growth trees. You might ask why we’d bother, except maybe to thin out new saplings that might disrupt foundations, or sunny spots, or those views. But in the life of the 57 acres of grounds we steward, there are constant changes. Old growth might come down in a storm, or new features like a bench or hammock might benefit from a little shade. We take the long view in our landscaping. And interestingly – but not surprisingly – we’ve always have better luck moving trees that have gotten their start here, rather than bringing in new plants. So we move our trees around.

I guess, like you, once they’ve gotten their feet wet at Spruce Point, they’re happier putting down roots here. And we’re happy even our stones and spruces are parts of your internal landscape – the place that inspires “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”