Whale watching is part of Maine vacation

For some folks, a whale-watching cruise is the highlight of their Maine coastal vacation, and we often send our whale-hunting guests to Boothbay Whale Watch.

Six species of whales are often seen in the Gulf of Maine, including three of the so-called “great” whales — the finback, the humpback and the minke. The whales hang out near the fishing banks, where upwelling waters bring food such as krill, squid and small fish.

Starting in mid-June, Boothbay Whale Watch offers whale-watching cruises as well as bay tours aboard the “Harbor Princess,” which has been designed with some special features to accommodate whale watchers. The crew may cancel cruises because of inclement weather, so it’s important to call ahead if you’ve reserved a ticket or are planning a trip for a particular day.

The whales’ behavior is difficult to predict, so you may not always see a whale. The cruises are guided by a marine biologist, so you’ll always get some fascinating information. The boat usually encounters other wildlife, including seals, dolphins, a variety of sea birds, ocean sunfish and even bluefin tuna.

Whale Watch

Boothbay Whale Watch also hosts popular reggae cruises on Sunday evenings and music cruises on Thursday evenings between July 4 and Labor Day. If you’re interested in any of the cruises, you should make reservations two or three days in advance. You can email them at or call 207-236-8391.

Just like our vacationers, the whales visit Maine only during the summer. They spend their winters in the warmer water around Florida. We’re happy to have them, and pleased that travelers to the Maine coast have a chance to see some of nature’s grandest creatures here!

Now accepting reservations for May 19th and beyond