Wishing upon the August Stars

As you might guess from the great ‘starry night’ photos taken at Spruce Point Inn and the David Marx photography seminar each year, this magical place at the approach to Boothbay Harbor is one that transfixes ‘oceanside memories made in Maine.’

In fact, the Maine coast is an ideal vantage point for star-gazing. Its nighttime view of the inky Atlantic is almost as good as getting offshore. (In fact, an overnight on Monhegan Island or a windjammer cruise bring the heavens as close as that blanket tent you made to keep reading about the intrepid navigators.)

While there are star-gazing apps to guide your attention to passing satellites, the simple joy of star gazing is as refreshing as the trending activity of ‘forest bathing.’ Both are available in Boothbay for those wishing to perfect their technique.

We think the wishing part is what’s important. Those of us who remember Jiminy Cricket know that, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through.”

The Perseids,  nature’s gift to stargazers and places preserving dark skies, make their annual pass (technically we, the Earth, make our annual pass through them) on August 12th. Make a date with the stars.  They’ll see you through.

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