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The Breath of Spruces
As another season at the resort approaches, so many guests return to the place that inspired them. The woodland path where ocean breezes carried...
The Flaneur of Flannel and Flip-Flops
...a flannel shirt might be a good choice to take along when sailing or while making s’mores.
Eyeing the Storm
Think of the coast as a long necklace of beloved places, peninsulas, docks and bays, clamshacks and lobster pounds and ice cream stands...
Ten Reasons to Visit Maine this Spring
What we learn from the past is to maximize the qualities of our future memories...
Enchanted by Spring on the Maine Coast
Mornings on the water in the secret season of late spring in Boothbay offer tantalizing glimpses of what’s to come.
Memorial Day in Maine: A Secret Season of Anticipation and Delight